Autumn favorites

Treat yourself to some new stationary for the darker days to come.


Our calendars come in a variety of sizes. All calendars are undated. Star the year whenever you like. Simply write down the current week or month and start planning.

Crayons & Drawingpad

This precious set off eight crayons is made by Scandinavian Crayon Company, a brand new company based in Ålesund, Norway. Scandinavian Crayon Company make their crayons by hand, using only earth friendly ingredients. Their crayons are ergonomically shaped and sits naturally in the hands of our little ones. 

Favorite Blue

I love this bauhaus blue spiral bound notebooks! In company with our weekly desktop calendar they make a great set of accessories for your desktop. Made in Norway. 

Latest arrivals

Original notebook

Made from a paper quality called Super Snow Bright, produced at the paper factory Hellefoss paper As, in Hokksund, Norway. This notebook has a charming dust jacket to cover the soft bound notebook within.

Perfect desktop accessories

Enjoy the tactility of our dust jacket notebook and series of desktop calendars.

Planning & dreaming

Our desktop calendar and ribbon notebook are perfect companions.

Ribbon Notebooks

With section sewn binding and a soft cover the notebook is soft to the touch and comfortable to hold on to. It has a smooth foil on the outside cover and a beautiful satin ribbon. Made in Norway. For the love of paper.


Spiral Notebook

Travel inspiration

Take your notebook traveling this spring and summer! To the beach, the mountains, your local park, big city or museum, make sure you bring your notebook. Any time is a good time to sit down and wind down, make a note, or a doodle. We took our notebooks and spent a lovely day at the amazing Nationalmuseum in Oslo. Our minds wandering as our eyes admire the inspiring artworks within.